New Silencer Beta Released
3-30-99 WThe New Silencer Beta version was released today, you can download it here, or in the archives.  Please send any comments to or post them to the board.
Browser Issues
4-15-99 For the past few days weve been exoeriancing some compatibility problems with Netscaoe Navigator browsers.  Sorry about the problem, everything should be back to normal.
New Silencer Begun
4-5-99 The allustrious GZPhreak, our hear of programming, has begun work on New Silencer.  New Silencer will have a more user friendly interface, a lot more options, and a restart persistent server file.  Check back here often for updates released in the very near future.
New Server
3-23-99 will be moving to a new server shortly.  The change will bring faster access time to the site.
ICQ98 files returned
3-20-99 The file archives for ICQ98 have been returned to the ICQ files page, and are available for download.
New Files Added
3-16-99 Several files were added to the archives. 
Smithklan Site Redesign
3-10-99 The Smithklan site has been redone by html coder Sam Smith.
New Files Sections
3-10-99 New files were added to the Files secion of the site, most notably the Linux file section.
SK Staff Returns
3-10-99 Several members of the smithklan staff were on vacation this past month, but will now be available again.  Several links have been fixed, and look for a new site design in the next few days.
Millennium by PhrozeN Released
2-7-99 PhrozeN's new ICQ exploit MillenniuM has been released, and is available for download here or in the ICQ section.
Gaban Bus 2.0 Released
2-2-99 Gaban Bus 2.0 was released with full support for Netbus 2.0 Pro.  Download it in the ICQ section.
Netbus 2.0 Pro Releases
3-10-99 SThe long-awaited Netbus 2.0 was released today, and the smithklan has it available for downloading in the trojan page.  Check it out, if you find any interesting features, post them to the board.
SK Staff Returns
3-10-99 Several members of the smithklan staff were on vacation
Smithklan Trojan Debuts
3-10-99 SThe new trojan, SK Silencer, was made available for download today. 

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